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We're pretty easy to get hold of, and we're very responsive to our clients. While we do have a phone, and we usually answer it, it sometimes goes to voice mail because we're working with other clients, and that can be frustrating. Your best bet is to contact us by email...that'll also keep a record of what we discussed, things you needs, and any changes you'd like to make.

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Phil at Work

Phil's Voice-Overs
1421 Sunrise Drive
Gilroy, California 95020

Phone: (408) 767-0135


Getting a Quote

If you liked our demos, and you'd like to work with us, the easiest way to get started is to send us your written material in an email along with any notes you may have so that we can determine how much time would be involved, and the complexity. Also be sure to include a phone where we can reach you with any questions we might have.

Based on your requirements, we'll put together a quote and demo for you, and upload it to our download area. We'll send you an email notification and instructions for downloading.

What is Voice-Over?

Voice-over (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice which is not part of the narrative (non-diegetic) is used in a radio, television, film, theatre, or other presentation. The voice-over may be spoken by someone who appears elsewhere in the production or by a specialist voice actor.

V-O Wisdom

" is life experience that colors every reading."

"A  thunder throat is helpful only if you know how to use it. Simply being able to make a glass vibrate by speaking does not assure you a place in the voice-over pantheon."

Don LaFontaine
Secrets of Voice-Over Success

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